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HTML and CSS margin padding in detail

  Hello viewers today we are going to talk about Margin & Padding in HTML CSS in this tutorial i’m working in INLINE CSS so after [crayon-5a2ed47a663fa468955985/] tag open [crayon-5a2ed47a66403293799828/] take another [crayon-5a2ed47a66408926938940/] [crayon-5a2ed47a6640c411732124/] see the changes after making it save then refresh  take another [crayon-5a2ed47a66411449682293/] [crayon-5a2ed47a66415938043330/] save it make it ...

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Html first div class using inline CSS in hindi urdu

  ASALLAM A ALAIKUM  Viewers toady we are going to talk about INLINE CSS now what does INLINE CSS mean in INLINE CSS we will not take [crayon-5a2ed47a66965634187878/] tag then call it class we will directly take [crayon-5a2ed47a6696d764695865/] then we will add style in [crayon-5a2ed47a66972066674456/] then take [crayon-5a2ed47a66977490697668/] tag after ...

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